Hello, it's Samet!

A software developer specializing in full stack single page applications with React & Redux. I have academic background in International Relations field as a research assistant. I enjoy cooking, watching Office, and spending time with my wife.

I work with

HTML CSS LESS/SASS JavaScript (ES6) React React Native Redux Jest React Testing Library Node Express SQL PostgreSQL Knex RESTful APIs GraphQL Apollo Prisma Python OOP Data Structures Algorithms


NPM package for creating UI-agnostic step-by-step interfaces with persistent global state.

Bio Bid Marketplace

Marketplace platform for biomedical service-provider companies and clinical trial associates.

Song Surfer

Song search platform utilizing Spotify API allowing users to add songs to their favorites.

ilmihal oku

A mobile React Native application on Google Play Store serving a JSON reference book data categorized by chapters and sections.

Conway's Game of Life

Cell automation simulation designed with Object Oriented Programming principles.

Let's Connect!

You may reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter. Also check out my portfolio on GitHub.